Patient Testimonials

Dr. Vu,
It’s very hard to thank you properly while being counseled on proper bra selection and post-surgical massage! From me (& my family, especially my husband)- thank you, bless you- you are an angel. You ‘fixed’ me weeks before other doctors were willing to fit me in for a ‘consult’. Forever grateful.

I recently had Dr. Vu do a necessary small surgery on one of my breasts. I had previously had implants that were in for thirty years. One had become painfully encapsulated. After they got removed, and after the tissue healed, Dr. Vu replaced them last year. She did a fabulous job. The side that had been so encapsulated and hurting was more difficult, and she said I might want a small revision done at some point. As the months rolled by I understood more what she was referring to. So, now a few weeks after a small surgery revision, I love the results, and additional comfort. I am very grateful. I love Dr. Vu’s kindness and attentiveness. I am so impressed with her professional skills. Her staff is sweet and helpful.

Look and feel your very best.