Patient Testimonials

I love Dr Kim-Chi Vu she is so personable & really makes you feel at ease with everything… I look so forward to my surgery & after care visits with her and her staff. She is so nice and all the before & after photos of her work are amazing!!! I am so pleased with my choice.

Dear Dr. Vu,
I just wanted to thank you for [the] wonderful change that you have helped create within my life and myself. I have always felt very confident and secure with every part of myself except for my breasts; I have always been small chested. Like so many other women, after having my daughter and breastfeeding for a year I found that my breasts were smaller, lower and not all that firm anymore. I wore uncomfortable thick padded push-up bras to hide the truth from others. It fooled them but I knew the truth, it haunted me and was on my mind constantly. When I met you for my first consultation I felt very confident about you. I felt comfortable and believed that you really listened and understood my goals and what I wanted. I am so happy with the work that you have done. My fiancé is very happy too! All of my family and friends say that my breasts look totally natural only perfect, like an airbrushed photo. I finally feel normal and completely beautiful, I can wear a swimsuit, a comfortable bra, sexy tops, anything and nothing. When I talk to people about it I always mention you. I have a couple friends considering breast augmentation and I insist that they see you. I also wanted to mention how much I enjoy your personality. I always tell people what a cool doctor you are. You talk to people like they are friends not just patients. Its cool to go to a doctors appointment and be able to laugh, joke and talk like you actually know each other. Basically you are the best doctor/surgeon I have ever known or met and I am glad that I had the opportunity to be one of your patients. P.S. Your office assistants are great too, they always remember my name when I come in.

Look and feel your very best.